About TennisVets

We are a not-for-profit society set up to organise tennis tournaments and associated social events.


Vets. i.e. ladies and men over 45 years of age in the year of joining, of league playing standard.

Approximately 6 tournaments will be run per year and surplus funds will be generated for charity.

Membership to be free in the first year and all transactions to be on a cash basis.
Membership to be by application and inclusion on a database to provide an emailing list.


Wherever possible by the internet including tournament notifications, tournament write-ups, financial summary for each tournament etc.

Our website will have restricted access so that only registered members can see the information.

Importantly, your personal details will not be passed on to any other organisation.

The tournament formats may well vary.

Overall objectives.

To provide good quality competitive tennis for the members in a friendly atmosphere and to raise money for charity.