Welcome to the tennisVets

New Website Announcement

Welcome to our new website, it is replacing our old website, which was showing signs of age.

If you are an existing TennisVets member you will need to re-register, which is a fairly painless process.

About TennisVets

The Tennis Vets is the abbreviated name of our new Society, the full name of which is The Tennis Veterans Society. Our aim is to provide good quality competitive tennis for our members in a friendly atmosphere and to raise money for charity (we have now raised £19,313). We are a not-for-profit society and plan to organise six UK tennis tournaments a year.

Our tournaments cover the South West of England. We operate on an informal basis,with the organising work being done by members who volunteer. Membership is free and open Membership is free and open to men and women players of league standard who are over 45 years of age in the year of joining.

To apply to join use the button below. Wherever possible communications will be by email and this website will be regularly updated with news.

Tennis Vets